Windows Server – Schedule a Reboot

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Back in the day we just used the ‘At’ command to schedule a reboot, but starting with Server 2012 that was stopped! If you try it now you will see the following;

At Command Depreciated

The AT command has been depreciated. Please use schtasks.exe instead

Solution (The Quick Way)

Execute the following command (change time and data accordingly);

schtasks /create /tn “Scheduled Reboot” /tr “shutdown /r /t 0” /sc once /st 12:20:00 /sd 02/03/2020 /ru “System”

Solution (The Long Way)

Launch Task Scheduler.


Create Basic Task.

Shedule a Basic Task

Give the task a name, (and optionally a description) > Next > One time > Next > Enter the date and time for the reboot to occur > Next.

Server 2016 Shedule Reboot

Start a program > Next > Program/Script = PowerShell > Add Arguments = Restart-Computer -Force > Next > Finish.

Server 2012 Shedule Reboot

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  1. or use the utility for tasks.
    schtasks /create /tn “reboot for updates” /tr “shutdown /r /t 0” /sc once /st 01:07:00 /sd 06/15/2017 /ru “System”

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  2. Definitely more straight-forward… 🙂

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  3. The default setting is “Run only when user is logged on”, which needs to be changed in the task properties after finishing the wizard.

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