Reset IBM / Lenovo IMM Username and Password

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After recycling an old M3 3650 IBM X Series server the other week, I was stuck trying to get into the IMM, because no one knew what the password was.


The default username of USERID and password of PASSW0RD (with a zero) didn’t work either.


For me it was OK because I could reboot the server and get directly into the BIOS , (Press F1 at boot)


System settings.

Lenovo server BIOS

Integrated Management Module.

Reset IMM password

Reset IMM to defaults.

Reset IMM to Factory Settings

REMEMBER this will reset the name and IP settings, so you need to update them, and DON’T FORGET to press ‘Save Network Settings’, or nothing happens!

Change IMM IP Address

You can now use the default username USERID and default password (PASSW0RD).

IMM Default Username and Pas

Reset IMM Password Remotely

Remotely connect to your IBM server Download the IBM ASU Utility  (Note: There’s an x64 bit version, and an x32 bit version, run the correct one to extract the tools).

Run the following command to ensure that the USERID account exists

asu64.exe show IMM.LoginID.1
asu.exe show IMM.LoginID.1

It should detect the IMM by IP address and return IMM.LoginID.1=USERID

Note: If it returns a different username you can check each login ID and reset them one by one.

asu64.exe set IMM.password.1 Password123
asu.exe set IMM.password.1 Password123

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Author: PeteLong

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  1. Run the following command to ensure that the USERID account exists

    asu64.exe show IMM.LoginID.1

    So the asu64.exe command runs on my phone and magically finds the imm i’m looking for? Am i running that on the cmm, the imm, my xbox????

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    • Ah Sarcasm, the last vestige of the annoyed tech? I didn’t say that I was resetting the password remotely? Install the software on the server with the IMM in it, then it doesn’t have to search for an IMM, because it’s on the mainboard of the server it’s on.

      Typical Xbox user 🙂


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      • Not to be that guy, but thats exactly what you wrote
        -“Reset IMM Password Remotely
        Remotely connect to your IBM server…”

        And that would have been exactly what i was looking for…

        But then again i love sarcasm

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    • For me the command asu64.exe show IMM.LoginID.1 did not work. It always sent “Close of data store failed with completion code 10 Retry after 500ms Fail to Read def file EDEF or the format of def file is incorrect”

      I finally managed to make it work by using IPMIUTIL ( In two lines it was done. First one to list the existing users
      ipmiutil user list
      And the 2nd one to reset the password
      ipmiutil user set 2 password PASSW0RD
      For some reasons the 2nd commands ends with a strange message “Invalid data field in request” but it works.

      Hope it helps.

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      • You are the best, I had the same problem and this worked!

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  2. GREAT!!! the 2 line commands fixed 2 years logon issue.

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    • Thank you, you saved me time resetting IMM to default, I downloaded Linux utility and did ./asu64 set IMM.password.1 Password123

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