Windows – Set Desktop Wallpaper From Central Server Share

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You have a corporate wallpaper, and you want to set it as the desktop wallpaper on all your machines.


Firstly make sure you have some wallpaper!

Wallpaper via GPO

Create a hidden, (with a $ on the end) share on your server, set the share permissions to Everyone = Read.

Wallpaper Folder share

On the security tab make sure ‘Domain Users’ have read, and I would add in administrators with full control to be on the safe side.

Wallpaper Folder NTFS Permissions

Now create and link a new GPO to the OU that contains the USERS you want to deploy this policy to.

Wallpaper GPO

Edit the policy.

Edit Group Policy

Navigate to;

User Configuration  > Policies > Administrative Templates > Desktop > Desktop > Desktop Wallpaper

Group Policy Wallpaper

Enable the Policy > Set the UNC path to your wallpaper file i.e. \\Server-name\Share-name$\Wallpaper-name.jpg > set the wallpaper type to fill.

Note: ‘Fill’, will get around most subtle changes in screen resolution, but I suggest you test it, and make sure you are happy.

Desktop Wallpaper GPO

Then wait for the policy to apply or force it on the clients.

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  1. exactly what I was looking for 🙂 thanks for the article
    any known issues with combination of bginfo?
    can I also forbid useres to change the corporate wallpaper by gpo?

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