Managing IE Settings via GPO

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There used to be a GPO called  “Internet Explorer Maintenance” that you could set your Internet Explorer settings, i.e. Proxy server settings, home pages etc.

This has now gone, and has been replaced with a group policy preference.



From the Group Policy Management Console > Locate the OU containing the USERS  you want to link the policy to and create a new policy, then give it a sensible name.

Create IE Settings GPO

Edit the policy.

Edit IE Settings GPO

Navigate to;

User Configuration > Preferences > Control Panel Settings > Internet Settings

Select > New > “Internet Explorer {version}”.

Note: Internet Explorer 10 settings, will also apply to Internet Explorer 11.

Proxy Settings via Group Policy

This takes a little bit of getting used to, things underlined in GREEN will be enforced with the policy, things underlined in RED will not be enforced. For each change you make you need to press F5 to make it ‘go green’, (or F6 makes all settings on the current TAB go green).

Manage IE Proxy Settings via GPO

Connections > LAN Settings > Enable ‘Use a proxy server…’  > Put in the proxy IP/Name and port number > Tick bypass proxy server for local addresses > If you need to add proxy exemptions you can go to advanced settings.

Ensure all settings are underlined green before you exit.

Manage IE settings via GPO

Manage IE Home Page(s) Settings via GPO

General Tab > Home Page > Add each new page as a new line.

Note: I like to open Tabs and set each new tab to open the first home page as well.

Again ensure all settings are underlined green before you exit.

Manage IE Home Pages via Group Policy

Apply  > OK  >You will see there is now a configuration entry > Close and exit the policy editor.

Manage Browser settings via GPO

You can then force a policy update on the OU you have deployed the policy to. Or run gpupdate /force on a test client.

Force Group Policy From Server

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