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Whenever Office needs updating on my Mac I just hit OK and let it do its own thing. I did that this morning, and went and got a coffee. It was a while later that I noticed that when I needed to add an attachment to an email I got this;


Now that might look fine, but in the left hand pane ‘Favourites’ is missing, it should look like this;


If I opened launcher it was fine, it was only from Microsoft Office applications that I had a problem, e.g. If I opened Word and tried to open a document, it was also broken. For me this is a headache, to get to my ‘working’ folder I need to click down though about 10 layers of folders, which is OK once or twice, but VERY ANNOYING to do repeatedly all day!


In your Mac look in your home directory for the Library folder, (it’s hidden by default, so either enable viewing of hidden files, or press the Alt Key). Inside that folder there is another folder called preferences, and in there a file called take a copy of this file then delete it. At this point I restarted my Mac and everything was fixed.


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Author: PeteLong

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