Exchange Renaming and Moving Databases

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Exchange has a habit of naming its databases as ‘Mailbox Database {Random-Number}’. This makes my OCD ‘itch’. So one of the first things I do is rename the database to something more sensible. Then I like to move the databases from the server system drive, and also relocate the log files into their own partition/drive.


Rename a Mailbox Database

Log into Exchange Admin Center > Servers > Databases  > Select the Database > Edit > Rename the Database as required > Save.

Rename Exchange Database

Note: You can change the database location here also, but not the log file path so I do that using the Exchange Shell.

Moving a Mailbox Database and Log Files

The syntax for mixing both the database files and the log files is;

Move-DatabasePath MBX-DB-2016 -EdbFilePath E:\EX-Databases\MBX-DB-2016.edb -LogFolderPath L:\EX-Logs

Move Exchange Database and Logs

You will be asked to confirm the move and that you are happy to take the database offline.

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Author: PeteLong

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  1. I run so: Move-DatabasePath -Identity “MBX-DB-2016” -EdbFilePath E:\EX-Databases\MBX-DB-2016.edb -LogFolderPath L:\EX-Logs

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    • You only need to use “Quotes” if there is a space in the DB name, but yes.


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