Group Policy To Throttle Network Speed via QoS

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Why would you want to do this? Well what if you want to test slow link group policy processing, or you are testing BranchCache? Using Group policy you can ‘throttle’ traffic to and from a particular IP address. Below I will pick a domain client on, and throttle all traffic between that client, and the domain controller to be 100kbps.


As I sad above I’m throttling traffic to my domain controller so I’ll create a GPO and link it to the Domain Controllers OU. Call it something sensible.

create and link group policy

Edit the policy

edit existing group policy

Navigate to;

Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Policy-based-Qos > Create new policy.

Qos Based Group Policy

Give the policy a name and set the throttle rate > Next.

GPO to Throttle Traffic

All Applications > Next.

GPO to Throttle Applications

Specify the IP you are throttling traffic to and from > Next.

GPO to Throttle IP Address

TCP and UDP > Finish.

GPO to Qos TCP and UDP

Then wait for the policy to apply, or run gpupdate /force on the DC.

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