Windows RDWeb – Remote Desktop Shortcut Missing

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As soon as you start publishing apps to your RDWeb server the ‘Remote Desktop’ icon disappears. Now there’s a good reason for this, it stops users having a desktop open, then opening apps on multiple different servers, and the whole thing turning into a resources nightmare. But what if you only have one RDS server? 


RDWeb No Remote Desktop ShortcutSolution

To get the shortcut back you need to change a registry key. Navigate to;

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\CentralPublishedResources\PublishedFarms\{collection-name}\RemoteDesktops\{collection-name}

Locate the ShowInPortal value and change it to 1.

RDWeb Show Remote Desktop Shortcut

At this point it’s worth noting that you might want to change the ‘name’ of the shortcut back to ‘Remote Desktop’.

RDWeb Rename Remote Desktop Shortcut

You don’t need to restart anything, simply refresh the web page and the application will re-appear.

RDWeb Restore Remote Desktop Shortcut

Remote Desktop Keeps Disappearing Again?

Each time there’s an update, or you publish some new applications it can revert back again. To stop this I simply create a Group Policy Preference, (make sure you have changed the key(s) before you do this).

Create or edit an existing policy that’s linked to the RDS server, and navigate to;

Computer Configuration > Preferences > Windows Settings > Registry > New > Registry Wizard > Another Computer

Navigate to the RDS server, you have set the registry keys on.

RDWeb GPO Show Remote Desktop Shortcut

Select the ‘Name‘ and ‘ShowInPortal‘ Value > Make sure the policy is set to ‘update’.

RDWeb GPP Show Remote Desktop Shortcut


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