VMware Upgrading the vSphere Virtual Center Appliance

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I had a vCenter appliance on my test network and wanted to update it to version But I didn’t want to reinstall the whole thing from scratch.


Let’s assume it’s going to go wrong! Take a snapshot off the appliance first.

vCenter take Snapshot

Go to the patch update site and get the latest patch for your version of vCenter.

Dowload vCenter Appliance updates

Upload the ISO file into your vSphere storage, and present it to your vCenter appliance.

Upload iso to vSphere

SSH into your appliance (you can enable this from DCUI, but mine was enabled). Issue the following commands;

shell.set --enabled True
software-packages install --iso --acceptEulas

Update vCenter Appliance

Go get a coffee it takes about 15-20 minutes, when complete it should say ‘Packages upgraded successfully’. You then need to reboot the appliance to complete the upgrade.

shutdown reboot -r Updated

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