Windows – Suppress the ‘First Run’ Welcome to Windows Animation

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I don’t like ‘first-run’ dialogs, Internet Explorer is annoying enough, Now Windows and Office insist on playing me a film clip when they start for the first time. I’m a busy guy I have things to do, stop asking me questions and making recommendations!

Welcome to windows animation

It takes this long to create a user profile? I don’t think so.


You can do this by local policy on the machine, but domain group policy is the easiest and quickest solution. On a domain controller, (or client with the RSAT tools installed). Run the group policy editor (gpedit.msc), Then either open an existing policy, or create a new one and link it to the OU  with the target computers in it.

Navigate to;

Policies > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Logon

Locate ‘show first sign-in animation’.

Suppress Wecome to windows animation

Set the policy to ‘Disabled’  > Apply  > OK > Close the policy editor

Disable Wecome to windows animation

Then either reboot the clients, wait a couple of hours, or manually run “gpupdate /force” on them. Or if you are on a Windows Server 2012 domain you can force the update from the policy editor.

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