HP – Switches The IP (or subnet) Already Exists

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I was changing a clients LAN subnet this week, (dropping the mask from /24 to /16). When I attempted to change the management IP on the clients HP switches this happened;

HP2510-24G(config)# vlan 1
HP2510-24G(vlan-1)# ip address
The IP address (or subnet) already exists.

At first I though the switch was complaining because the IP was remaining the same, I was just changing the mask, (which is a bit bobbins, but there you go).  Turns out this is normal behaviour? Yes I could have got my console cable out, and walked to the comms room and done this;

HP2510-24G(config)# vlan 1
HP2510-24G(config)#no ip address
HP2510-24G(vlan-1)# ip address 

But that would mean getting off my lazy backside, and what if I was hundred of miles from the switch?



To solve the problem you need to enter the HP switch menu system, this will let you change the IP on the fly. Obviously if you change the IP, make sure you can connect to it’s old, (and new), IPs or you will lose remote management.

From CLI type ‘menu’ {Enter}, you may be asked if you want to save the config. Choose ‘Switch Configuration’.

HP change ip address

IP Configuration.

HP cannot change ip


IP already exists HP switch

Use the cursor keys and navigate to the IP/Subnet mask, and change accordingly > {Enter}

Change HP Switch IP

Select Save > Reconnect to the new IP address.

VLAN 1 up HP Switch

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  1. Thank-you for this tip, I realllllly appreciate it.

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  2. Thank you so much for this! This saves me so much work. I just tried it on a not-very-important switch and it worked perfectly. Tomorrow, the rest of the network and then I can activate my new expanded DHCP scope.

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