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I have a love hate relationship with GNS3, I appreciate it’s brilliant, (when it works). I also appreciate that it’s free, and people put a lot of effort into its development for very little reward. But when I try to do simple things, like connect my projects/labs to the internet and it’s massively overcomplicated I get pretty exasperated.

With Windows this is easy, (I’ve probably blogged about it before), drag a cloud onto the workbench and connect it to a network card, job done! On a Mac however it’s a whole different ball game, as I found out last year when I swapped from Windows to Mac. The documented method of doing this, is to use tun tap interfaces and run GNS3 as root and connect things together. But I cannot get this to work at all.

Kudos and credit for this solution goes to my colleague Steve. When I swapped to Mac he was my ‘go-to-guy’ for ‘how does this work’ and ‘what’s the Mac equivalent of {insert name of software}’ questions. I could not connect my new mac GNS3 labs to the internet, so he gave me a VM that did the hard work for me. Despite my efforts to find a better way of doing this, it remains the easiest, simplest, solution, and works over wireless/wired connections etc.



  • GNS3 (obviously). I’m using version 1.4.4
  • Virtualbox (This wont work with VMware Fusion unfortunately, I’ve tried). I’m using Version 5.0.16 r105871
  • M0n0firewall (download GW1)


Download the GW1 appliance (link above) and extract the files, then from within Virtualbox >  Machine > Add > Locate the extracted GW1 appliance > Open.

Import VM For GNS3 Connection

Now in GNS3 > Preferences > Virtualbox > Virtualbox VMs > Add > Add in the GW1 appliance > Edit > Give it TWO network cards > Ensure ‘All GNS3 to use any configured Virtualbox adapter’ is NOT ticked > OK.

GNS3 VM Settings Internet Connection

Now drag the GW appliance onto your GNS3 work area, and connect to a router (or anything you can configure an IP on). Make sure the appliance is started.

GNS3 connect to Firewall

Now back in Virtualbox > Look at the NIC settings for the GW1 appliance, the one connected to GNS3 should say ‘Generic  Driver’ and UDP Tunnel
Generic Driver GNS3Now manually set the other NIC to be connected to your NAT Network, this network will nat the VM’s NIC out to the the internet connection being used by the Mac (either wired or wireless). Make sure you tick ‘Cable Connected’

Note: This is why I still use Virtualbox for this, in VMware Fusion any changes you make to the NICs are hijacked by GNS3 when you add and start the VM, with Virtualbox they are not.

NAT VM to Live Network

You will know when you have the network cards right, as the ‘WAN’ will get an IP from your NAT Network.

GNS3 vm connect to internet

Use option ‘6’ and make sire the virtual machine has a good connection to the internet.

GNS3 Monowall connect to to Wireless

Above you can see the appliance has a LAN IP of Back in GNS3 give an IP address on the same range to the device you connected to the virtual appliance.

GNS3 connect to internet MAC

The network is directly connected, so you should not need to add a static route, I just do this out of habit.

MAC OSX GNS3 Connect to live

First make sure you can ping the appliance, then make sure you can ping a public IP address.

MAC GNS3 Connect to to Internet


While setting this up, you may have to ‘reset the appliance to factory settings’ (options 4), this should re-detect all the interfaces. You may also get the interfaces the wrong way round, ensure the right NIC is presented into GNS3.

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  1. I followed your tutorial to the letter. Ev erything is perfect. But after setting a static IP to the router connected to the GW1, I cannot ping the GW at all:


    Type escape sequence to abort.
    Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
    Success rate is 0 percent (0/5)

    Help please !

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