Convert a Virtualbox VM to a VMware Fusion VM

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I have a bunch of VM’s that I use with GNS3 that are in Virtualbox. I also run VMware Fusion, and since my upgrade to version 1.4.4 I need to run the GNS3 VM in VMware, (I could not get the Virtualbox version to work). So I decided to copy over the remainder of my VMs as well.


Within Virtualbox > File > Export Appliance.

convert virtualbox to vmware

Select the VM in question > Continue.

virtualbox export to ova

Important: Ensure you have selected OVF Version 1.0 (if you use version 2.0 it wont work) > Take a note of where the OVA file is going to be saved > Continue.

OVF export virtualbox

There’s no need to add anything else unless you want to  > Export.

convert virtualbox to Fusion

The VM will export (depending on the size this can take a few minutes).


When complete, open VMware Fusion > File Import.

Import OVA into Fusion

Browse to, and select the OVA file you just exported > Continue.

Convert Virtualbox to VMware Workstation

Choose a name of the new VM > Save.

import virtualbox into vmaware

Don’t panic! This is normal, simply click retry.

import ova failed

The VM will import.

import virtual machine


import vm into fusion

When you first boot the VM it may be a little sluggish (it’s just had its underlying hardware changed after all).  If it wants to try and install drivers, cancel the procedure and install the VMware tools.

Fusion convert VM from Virtualbox

Now you can remove the original VM from Virtualbox.

Delete Virtualbox VM

Delete all files.

Remove Virtualbox VM

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