Cisco FirePOWER – Update Fails ‘Peer Registration Failed: Registration in Progress’

KB ID 0001162 Dtd 02/03/16


If you attempt to perform an update on the FirePOWER services module in your firewall, you may see the following error;


Installation Failed: Peer registration in progress. 
Please retry in a few moments

I found myself in this situation because I’d attempted to register the firewall in the FirePOWER Management Center Appliance, and the process failed, (because the versions were different). So when I attempted to update the firewalls sfr module to match, it then fails¬†because it’s waiting to register with the management center, (Catch 22).


Essentially you need to ‘kill’ the registration then, perform the upgrade and then attempt to add it as a managed device again. You can do this from within the ADSM. Configuration > ASA FirePOWER Configuration > Integration ¬†> Remote Management > Locate the registration and ‘Delete’.


Usually it says its ‘failed’, I’m assuming it’s referring to the peer registration¬†itself, because it does get removed.

You can then attempt to do the upgrade, (which takes ages by the way!)


Note: I’ve also found you need to manually restart the sfr module when its complete.¬†The upgrade takes ages on small firewalls like the 5506-X its a bit quicker¬†on the larger firewalls like the 5515-X, but I would still leave the update running overnight and then restart the module in the morning.

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