GNS3 Update – Could Not Find a VM Named ‘GNS3 VM’

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GNS3 had nagged me the last few times I tried to use it about upgrading, so I downloaded and installed the update and it stopped here;

GNS3 Could not find VM

Could not find a VM named ‘GNS3 VM’ is it imported in VMware or Virtualbox

I use both VMware Fusion and Virtualbox. But Virtualbox looks after all the VM’s I use in GNS3. Either way I did not know what I was looking for, and the download (and application folder) did not have a VM within it for me to import?


It turns out the link for the VM is on the GNS3version download page, (it redirects you  to another site).

Download the GNS3 VM

Once you have it downloaded, you can import it into either Virtualbox, VMware Fusion or VMware Workstation.

Import GNS3 VM

Then you can select it, and progress.

GNS3 VM.ova

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Author: PeteLong

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  1. Thanks Pete, just the push in the right direction I needed!

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  2. It doesnt work for me. I installed VMware Fusion 11, imported GNS3VM and still struggling with the same error. It seems the GNS3 server is unable to connect to GNS3VM. Any idea where can I see at which path it is looking and where it should point to actually?

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    • Same problem here.
      I tried to start the GNS3, no change.
      I reinstalled gns3, no change.

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      • Follow-up: Re-importing the VM into the default VM directory worked.
        Previously I had it in a “lab” folder, which didn’t work.
        With the default folder it works

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