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I use Fusion a lot, and it does what I want and never gives me any problems. I was working for a client this week and had to VPN onto their network ( but all the servers were on 172.16.48.x). When connected I could not RDP to any of their servers? I asked a colleague to try on his laptop and it worked fine? I asked another colleague who also uses a mac, his worked as well.


I wondered if I had added a strange static route in the past, and maybe that was tripping me up. so I looked at the routing table;

netstat -nr

At this point I noticed that was set to send traffic to vmnet8, A quick Google search told me that this was used for VMware Fusion. I quit Fusion, and it started working, which is fine, but I’d rather have Fusion running so how do I change the IP addresses it uses?

VMware Fusion Changing IP addresses

Open a terminal window, and execute the following command;

sudo nano /Library/Preferences/VMware\ Fusion/networking

Tap in your password, and you can edit the file to change the IP addresses VMware Fusion uses;

VMware fusion IPs

In case you are thinking, the client was using and Fusion was using Why did it break? Well, as I said above, the servers were all on 172.16.48.x, and with routing the most specific route ALWAYS WINS.

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