Exchange – Outlook Web Access ‘Your request could not be completed..’

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Whilst doing an Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 migration last week, I moved a test mailbox to the new Exchange 2010 server. But when I attempted to open the mailbox in OWA I got this;

Your request couldnt be completed

“Your request couldn’t be completed because no server with the correct security settings was found to handle the request. If the problem continues, contact your helpdesk.”


At first I assume this was some IE error and was probably because I was on the Exchange 2010 server and trying to open the test mailbox there, instead of a client where the security on IE would be a little more lax.

But that was not the case, it turns out you see this error when the mailbox is still on the 2003 server and has not yet moved to the new server. When I actually checked the mailbox move was ‘stuck’ in a queued state.

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