vSphere – Adding a Serial Port to a VM

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I wanted to perform command line access to a virtual firewall on my home ESXi server, (a Juniper Firefly vSRX) via a console session. To do that I needed to add a serial port to that VM.


1. From Within the VI client > Select the ESXi Host > Configuration > Security Profile > Firewall Section > Properties.

vSphere Firewall Settings

2. Locate and enable ‘VM serial port connected over network’ > OK.

VMware serial over Network

3. From the actual VM‘s properties, (right click > Edit settings) > Add > Serial Port > Next.

Virtual Machine add Serial Port

4. Connect via Network > Next.

VMware Add Serial Connector

5. Select ‘Server (VM listens for connection)’ > In Port URI enter telnet://{IP-of the ESX-Server}:2001 > Next.

Note: That’s the IP of the ESX server NOT the VM, here I’m using port 2001, but you can use 23 (standard telnet), or a random port above 1024.

VMware telnet to serial port

6. Review the settings > Finish.

VMware Add Serial Connector

7. Now on a machine that has network connectivity to the ESX server > launch a telnet session to the VM (remember to use port 2001 as telnet defaults to 23!).

Here I’m using PuTTY but you can run ‘telnet {ip-address} {port}’ from a Windows client, (providing you have telnet enabled).

Putty to VMware serial

8. I’m in and working.

vSRX Firefly Console Access


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