Updating the AnyConnect client for Deployment from the Cisco ASA 5500

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Your ASA will (by default) update your AnyConnect clients to the latest client software when they connect. However you need to supply the ASA with the updated packages first.


1. Download the latest AnyConnect client package, from Cisco. The one you want will have a file extension of .pkg

AnyConnect 4

Download AnyConnect 4

AnyConnect 3

Download AnyConnect Client

2. Connect to the ASDM > Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Network (Client) access > AnyConnect Client Software > Add.

Upload AnyConnect Package


Note: On older versions of the ASDM you will find the option under > Network (Client) access > Advanced > SSL VPN > Client Settings > Add.

AnyConnect Client software ASDM

3. Select Upload > Browse to the software you downloaded > Select.

 Upgrade AnyConnect Package


4. The file should upload to flash memory.

 Update AnyConnect Package


5. And it will tell you if it has been successful.

 Upload AnyConnect Package Sucessful


6. Select the new software and, using the ‘up arrow’ move it to the top of the list > Apply.

Note: At this point I also delete the old software packages.

 Delete AnyConnect Package

7. Don’t forget to upload the packages for Linus and MacOS of you may see the following error;

The AnyConnect package on the secure gateway could not be located.



8. Remember to save the changes. File > Save running configuration to flash.

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