AnyConnect – “Error Contacting Host”

KB ID 0000555 


I was creating some “Bookmarks” on a client’s AnyConnect web portal last week. They were simply CIFS links to shared folders on his servers so he could access them remotely from his Android tablet PC’s.

However every time I clicked a link I got this error;

error contacting host


A bit of searching later and I found that in the release notes for version 8.0(4) this was a known problem that had been fixed (Bug CSCsl94183).

Bug CSCsl94183

A quick check on the ASA in question, revealed it was still on 8.0(3). Note: From command line issue a “show version” command to check the version level.

Cisco ASA OS Version

I upgraded to version 8.2(2) to be on the safe side (This firewall was a 5505 Security Plus, and did not have enough memory to go beyond version 8.2 see here for details). Post upgrade everything worked as it should.

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