Take Ownership and Grant ‘Full Control’ Recursively

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I had a bunch of old user profile folders I needed to delete today, When setup properly even the domain administrator can’t get in there and delete them;

001 - No Permissions

If it’s just one folder then simply take ownership, grant yourself rights and delete it! But I had a lot of folders so I needed a more robust (read less work) solution.



Take Ownership of all Folders/Sub-Folders, and Files

Open an administrative command window, and execute the following command;

takeown /a /r /d Y /f C:\{foldername}

Take Ownership all files and folders recusively

Grant ‘Full Control’ Rights to all Folders/Sub-Folders, and Files

Just because you are the owner, that does not mean you have any rights to the folders and files, to grant full control to the administrators group.

icacls C:\{foldername} /grant administrators:F /t

003 -Grant Full Control Recursively


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