Windows – ‘Sorry, there was a problem mounting the file’ With ISO Files

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Seen on Windows 10, and Server 2012, when attempting to open or mount an ISO file, (even downloaded direct from Microsoft). You get the following error;

Note: Can also been seen with .VHD files.

Problem Mounting iso

Couldn’t Mount File

Sorry, there was a problem mounting the file.


Before you try anything else simply COPY the iso file to the root of your C: drive, and try again.

99% of the time simply copying the file to the C: drive will fix the problem, but if you’re still reading then that’s probably not the case for you? The problem is most likely┬áthat the ISO file has had the sparse attribute set.

Option 1

Download Remove Sparse > Extract the Contents and > Run the .reg file.

Run .reg File

Now you have the option to remove Sparse on the right click menu.

ISO Remove Sparse

Option 2

You can open an administrative command window and remove the sparse attribute from command line;

fsutil Remove Sparse Flag

fsutil sparse setflag {Path to the .iso file} 0

fsutil  sparse queryflag {Path to the .iso file}

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Author: PeteLong

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  1. I’ve been searching high and low for a solution to this and I see this one posted over and over yet it doesn’t work for me, so there must be something else causing it.

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    • Story of my life! Not really a fix but if I struggle with this, I usually install the free version of 7Zip and associate it it with .iso files. Then you can open them like a ZIP archive. Not a fix I know, but it’s my standard work-around ­čÖé


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  2. Hugs and kisses man, I’m not going to copy 40gb file in an another folder everytime. Luckily this solves my problem. Thank you million times…

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  3. I fixed the disappearing DVD drive, but this mounting thing is still a huge pain in the arse for me.

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    • Atrax,
      how did you fix the disappearing DVD issue?

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  4. I must have tried every other method; copying to root did it perfectly. Many, many thanks.

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