Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Post Requests

Quite often we get requests for ‘Sponsored Posts’ here at PeteNetLive. And if you search site you will find a few. We have no problem hosting sponsored posts, but there are a few caveats;

  • We charge a ‘one-off’ fee to host sponsored posts. (Usually £50.00 (British pounds Sterling), or $50.00 USD). 
    • This can be paid by PayPal, Bank Transfer, IBAN, or SWIFT payment.
    • We can provide an invoice if you prefer.
  • The post MUST BE UNIQUE, we reserve the right to remove a post, (without refund) if we find the same article posted on another site. We will not be penalised for hosting duplicate content.
  • The post MUST BE SITE RELEVANT, its content needs to be relevant to the normal PeteNetLive site content, i.e. tech related.
  • The post must NOT BE A LARGE COLLECTION OF HYPERLINKS, we accept that the whole point of a sponsored link, is to market a product or service, and we will host sensible Hyperlinks in sponsored posts that will not be tagged as ‘no follow’.  
  • The post will be marked ‘Written By: (Your Name)‘. We have been asked in the past NOT to mark these posts as ‘sponsored posts’, and we are happy to do so, but we will still mark them as ‘externally authored’.

You only have a budget of $X.00 Dollars: We hear this a lot! 🙂 Our price is above, we wont spend ages haggling over prices, if you think we are too expensive, then please move along. We are proud of our brand, and have have spent over a decade building it. 

If you would like to submit a sponsored post: We usually publish the post (without links to the main site), to allow you time to review, and ask for changes etc. Once payment is received, we will put in the links to the post from the live site.

Sponsored Link Requests

Occasionally we get asked to add a link in an article that has already been published. If the this something you wish to propose, then each request will be considered individually. If we feel that to add a link to an existing post would be beneficial to both the post itself and to the person(s) requesting, then we will agree a fee for providing this service.