Site to Site IPSEC VPN from SonicWALL to Cisco ASA

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You want to put in a secure IPSEC VPN tunnel from a Cisco ASA Device to a Sonicwall Firewall. Note in this example we will use 3DES for encryption, SHA1 for Hashing, Diffie Hellman Group 2, PFS enabled, and we will use a shared secret (Pre Shared Key).

SonicWALL used in this example is a PRO 3060.


The main two gotcha’s

sonicwall aggressive mode

Update 12/03/11 Feedback from Wajma Omari:

I would like to add that this configuration will build the Tunnel but one more step needed to enable the Traffic between the two networks and that is by adding ACL from Inside network to the Remote Site Configuration – Firewall – Advanced – ACL Manager – Add – Add ACL and then ADD ACE

Thanks for the very helpful article

Many Thanks for the feedback! Pete

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Special thanks to David Pounds for his help with the SonicWALL configuration.

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