Horizon Client ‘Install Failed’

KB ID 0001594


When attempting to install the VMware Horizon client you see;

Horizon Client Install Failed

Well that’s very descriptive and helpful?


Firstly make sure you  are NOT trying to install the client software on a Horizon Connection Server, or a Horizon Security Server! If you are not, then the easiest way to get it to install, is to ‘extract’ the .msi installation files, and manually run them. 

In PowerShell navigate to the folder that you download the client .exe file to, and extract its contents with the following command;

.\VMware-Horizon-Client-{version-and-build-number}.exe /x

Horizon Client Install Extract MSI

It looks like nothing has happened, but the files get put in the ‘Temp‘ folder in YOUR user profile, Navigate to C:\Users\{Your-Username}\AppData\Local\Temp

In this location you will find a folder containing the individual install files you require.

Horizon Client InstallInstall from msi

From here you can launch the one you want, In my case (VMware Horizon View Client (x64).msi).

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