IBM / Lenovo IMM (Integrated Management Module) Default Username and Password

KB ID 0001088


I’m more used to HP servers with iLO’s and Dell servers with DRAC’s, but today I had to put in an IBM System X (now Lenovo) Server with an IMM on it. Once I’d got its IP address from my DHCP servers list of leases I was faced with a logon screen.

IMM default password


Took some hunting, but the credentials are as follows;

Username: USERID

Password: PASSW0RD (That’s a zero, not an ‘O’ for Oscar).

Note: They are case sensitive also.

With iLO I would leave the default username and password setup, (because it’s written on the chassis, and if someone needed to get in they could, (if they had local access to the server).</p?

However for the IMM I would suggest at least changing the default password.

IMM default password

And if it’s internet facing I’d remove/rename that account completely.</p?

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