RSA Authentication Manager – Importing SecureID Tokens

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It’s been a while since I had to do this, you used to simply take a number from the token pack, import it into the RSA Authentication Manager, job done. Now the tokens are shipped to you encrypted, you need to register them with RSA, decrypt them, then import them.


1. The tokens come with the licenses encrypted, on an accompanying CD. Go to the URL specified on the CD.

RSA Token Registration

2. Good job I was alone and had no CD drive! Anyway the two numbers you need to enter on the website to register are;

  • Token Pack ID: On the sleeve, and on the CD
  • Confirmation Number : On the CD

RSA Confirmation Number

3. When you have finished registration you will download a .zip file, save it somewhere sensible.

4. Put the CD in a computer > Run the ‘Run the Token Decryption Utility’ > You will need to give it the .zip file you downloaded and a password.

RSA Confirmation Number

5. When complete, you will be given two files, an XML file that has all your token information.

RSA Token Files

6. And a password file, that gives you a password to import the XML file with.

RSA Token Files

7. Armed with these two files log into the ‘Security Console’ > Administration > SecureID Tokens > Import Tokens Job > Add New.

RSA Appliance Import Tokens

8. Give the job a name accept all the defaults and browse to the XML file, then copy and paste in the password form the text file and run the import job. Check on the completed tab to make sure it was a success.

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