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A colleague asked me if I had a USB console cable, because the switch he was working on had a failed RJ45 console port. I thought it was just the same cable that charged my phone (USB A to micro USB). But it isn’t, it’s mini USB.

cisco usb console

I thought, that might happen to me at some point, and rather than carry yet another cable I got onto eBay and got a female micro USB to male mini USB converter for about 99p. Then all I needed to do was test it.


Use Cisco USB Console Cable on Mac OSX

1. Just plug it in and the Mac detects it without the need for drivers, (providing the other end is plugged into a device!). You may see something like the following popup, if you run VMware Fusion;

Cinnect mini USB Serial to MacOSX

Note: if you want to find out what device it is being called by macOS, simply issue the following command;

ls -ltr /dev/*usb*

cisco usb console

2. You can then can connect directly to it (using 9600 baud as usual), with the following command (your device name in red will differ);

screen /dev/tty.usbmodem1411 9600

cisco usb console

3. Or if you use an application;


USB Serial Lead RoyalTSX

Using SecureCRT

mac osx secureCRT Cisco USB console

4. And we are in.

mini usb console cable cisco

Use Cisco USB Console Cable on Windows

Things are a little more convoluted on Windows, you need to install a driver (which involves a reboot).

1. Download the Windows Cisco USB Console Cable Driver.

cisco usb console driver

2. When installed and connected to a Cisco device, you should see something like the following in device manager (devmgmt.msc).

cisco usb console

3. Now using your preferred terminal emulation software (below I’m using PuTTY) connect using the COM port you identified above.

cisco usb console


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