Server 2012 – Certificate Services – ‘HTTP Error 403.14 – Forbidden’

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I spun up a new Certificate Services server on my test network today, because I needed to issue some certificates for something I’m working on. It was a pretty vanilla build, just the Certificate Services role, and the Web Enrollment feature.

certificate website error


I spent a while searching this one down, as you can see (above) it was showing me the root cause of the problem. The page you normally see when you log into the web portal is default.asp, and that file is not in that folder.

1. Open IIS manager and then open the settings for the CertSrv virtual directory. Use the browse button to change the location.

Cert Services IIS settings

2. Change the location to the sub folder en-US (or if you are in a different locale select your local one). > OK > OK.

Cert Services IIS settings

3. Restart the web services and try again.</p?

Cert Services IIS settings

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