vSphere Web Client – Options Greyed Out (Cannot install Client Integration Plug-in)

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While working on the vSphere Web Client in Google Chrome, I was unable to ‘Open Console’, the option was on the right click menu, but disappeared and was then greyed out after a second or so.

sSphere Web Client Options Greyed Out

Essentially this happens because the plug-in has either not been installed, (from the login page) or a pop-up blocker is stopping the plug-in working.


1. With Chrome there’s an extra hoop to jump though, the plug-in uses NPAPI, and Chrome disabled that beginning with version 42. To enable it open a new tab and navigate to;


In the NPAPI section select ‘Enable’.

Chrome enable NPAPI

2. Click ‘Relaunch Now’.

Chrome VMware Web client

3. At this point you will be able to install the Client Integration Plug-in.

Chrome Client Integration Plugin

4. Now you need to make sure the plug-in will run, click the plug-in warning and select ‘Always allow plug-ins on localhost’, refresh the page.

Chrome Allow Plugin

5. You can now tick the box to login with Windows session authentication.

Chrome Allow Plugin

6. The first time you try and launch something the pop-up blocker will suppress it you will need to disable the pop-up blocker for this site.

Chrome Allow Popups

7. The vSphere Web Client should now perform correctly in Google Chrome.

sSphere Web Client Options Greyed Out


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