MAC OSX – Add ‘Open Terminal Window Here’ to ‘Right Click’

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One of the things I used to like about using Windows was if I needed to drop to command line, I could (from any given location), by simply right clicking (while pressing CTRL) and selecting ‘Open Command Window Here. On a MAC I have Terminal but thats not an option.


As with most things on the MAC it is there, you just need to enable it.

1. Apple Logo > System Preferences.

Mac System Settings System Preferences

2. Keyboard.

Mac Keyboard Settings

3. Shortcuts > Services > New Terminal at Folder.

Mac New Terminal at Folder

4. Now when you right click a folder (or command click), you have ‘New Terminal at Folder’.

MAC OSX Open New Terminal at Folder

5. Et Voila!.

MAC OSX Open Terminal Window

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Author: Migrated

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