MAC OSX Outlook – Open Multiple POP Email Accounts in Their Own Folders

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I’ve been slowly migrating from a Windows Laptop to a MacBook Pro. And Office 15 for Mac is great, I had my work Exchange Email up in no time, then I configured my POP email accounts. The problem is Outlook puts all POP mail in one folder called ‘on my computer’. I have a quite a few POP email accounts, and I like to keep them all separate.


I will assume you already have your POP email account(s) setup, I suggest to avoid confusion you carry out this process one account at a time to avoid confusion.

1. In the ‘On My Computer’ folder create a new folder for your new account.

outlook on my computer

2. Create a new ‘Rule’ that applies to your POP account, and set it to ‘Move Message’ to the folder you created. You can repeat for each new POP mail account.

outlook on my computer

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