GNS3 ASA Error – ‘ASDM did not recognize device model ASA5520’

KB ID 0001028 


Apart from the fact that’s an appalling spelling of recognise, I got bitten by this last weekend.

ASa did not recognise device model

I don’t use the ADSM as a rule so it would not normally be a problem, the only thing I do use the ASDM for is certificates, (it’s just easier).


Last time I saw an error like this I had to use a fiddler script to embed the firewall model in the https traffic, however now there’s a much easier fix!

I had installed ASDM 7.1(3) that was giving me the error, if you simply downgrade to 7.1(1) the problem goes away.

ASDM Working GNS3

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Author: Migrated

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