Windows 10 – Update the Windows Build

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I’ve had the Windows 10 technical preview for a while now, but other that run it up in VMware workstation I’ve not done much with it. Today I wanted to check something, and found out my build was too old. I was just about to head over to MSDN and get the latest ISO when I thought, “I wonder if I can update it ‘in place'”.

Note: This procedure is going to take a while.


1. Hit the Windows Key or press ‘Start’ (Are we still calling it start, I don’t know?) > Search for Windows Update > Select ‘Windows Update Settings’.

windows 10 update build

2. Preview builds > Download now.

windows 10 update build

3. After a while (about 25 mins in my case) > Install.

windows 10 update build

4. Let it bounce, (after about an hour.)

windows 10 update build

5. Don’t get too exited it still takes ages to finish installing and run sysprep, go get a coffee.

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Author: Migrated

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