Juniper SRX – Setting the Default Static Route

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It takes me seconds to do this on an ASA, on every occasion I’ve had to do the same on a Juniper firewall I’ve had to research how to do it again.

SRX Default Route

Here I’m setting up the ‘default’ route to the Internet, but the syntax is the same for setting up any static route.


1. Connect to the firewall either by console cable or via SSH, go to CLI mode then configuration mode.

login: PeteL Password: ************

— JUNOS 12.1X47-D10.4 built 2014-08-14 22:21:50 UTC

PeteL@Petes-SRX> cli

PeteL@Petes-SRX> configure Entering configuration mode

[edit] PeteL@Petes-SRX#

2.Here is the syntax for adding a route, ( denotes the default route or GOLR).

[edit] PeteL@Petes-SRX# set routing-options static route next-hop

3. Save the changes.

[edit] PeteL@Petes-SRX# commit commit complete


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