Factory Reset Juniper SRX Firewall

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If you manage to stuff up your firewall, or you have just done some testing and want to revert back to ‘as new’ here is how to do it.

SRX Firewall


1. Connect to the firewall either by console cable or via SSH, go to CLI mode then configuration mode.

login: PeteL Password: ************

— JUNOS 12.1X47-D10.4 built 2014-08-14 22:21:50 UTC

PeteL@Petes-SRX> cli

PeteL@Petes-SRX> configure Entering configuration mode

[edit] PeteL@Petes-SRX#

2. Load factory defaults, at this point you cannot commit/save the configuration unless you set a password, so do that next.

[edit] PeteL@Petes-SRX# set system root-authentication plain-text-password New password: Password123 Retype new password: Pasword123

[edit] PeteL@Petes-SRX#

3. Save the changes then reboot.

[edit] PeteL@Petes-SRX# commit and-quit

commit complete Exiting configuration mode

PeteL@Petes-SRX> request system reboot Reboot the system ? [yes,no] (no) yes

Shutdown NOW! [pid 1904]


*** FINAL System shutdown message from root@FW-01 ***

System going down IMMEDIATELY

Reset To Factory Settings if the SRX is part of a Chassis Cluster (is in Failover mode)

1. If the firewall is part of the Chassis cluster then you need to the following before you can carry out the procedure above.

PeteL@Petes-SRX> set chassis cluster disable reboot

For cluster-ids greater than 15 and when deploying more than one cluster in a single Layer 2 BROADCAST domain, it is mandatory that fabric and control links are either connected back-to-back or are connected on separate private VLANS.

{primary:node0} PeteL@Petes-SRX>

*** FINAL System shutdown message from root@FWA ***

System going down IMMEDIATELY

Completely Wipe the Juniper SRX

Alternatively you can also do the following.

root> request system zeroize warning: System will be rebooted and may not boot without configuration Erase all data, including configuration and log files? [yes,no] (no) yes

warning: zeroizing re0



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