Cisco VPN Client Install Error 28000

KB ID 0000945 


Seen when attempting to install or remove the Cisco VPN client software.

VPN Error 28000

Error 28000: Before installing the Cisco Systems VPN Clients {version}, you must uninstall the previous version of Cisco Systems VPN Client {version}, using the Add/Remove Program Files option in the Control Panel. Then restart your system.


1. Firstly Windows Key +R > appwiz.cpl {Enter} > Locate and remove the VPN Client. Though sometimes you will not find it.

Remove Cisco VPN

2. Locate ‘VPN Client’ Folder in program files > Locate the vpnclient.ini file and open it with Notepad, add the following two lines;

Remove Previous = 1
DelayRebot = 1

Save the file.

vpnclient.ini settings

3. Run the VPN Client software setup file with a ‘/quiet’ switch on it (as below). it will look like nothing is happening, go and have a coffee, then reboot and try to reinstall.

Cisco VPN Silent Install

Manually Remove Cisco VPN Client

This is a little extreme, but if you have no other choice!

4. Windows Key +R > regedit {Enter} > Navigate to;


Delete the VPN Client Key.

Manually Remove Cisco VPN

5. Navigate to;

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > DeterministicNetworks

Delete the ALL the sub-keys (in the example below, there are two).


6. Navigate to;

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Uninstall

Delete the ANY keys that match;

  • {1CE60928-8325-49A8-8B06-633E48DD2B67}
  • {51FB15F4-AD27-43BC-AD4B-DD0354FB6BBD}
  • {5624C000-B109-11D4-9DB4-00E0290fCAC5}

Remove Cisco VPN Registry

7. Navigate to;

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services

Delete ANY keys that match;

  • CVirtA

CvirtA Removal

8. Drill all the way back to the top of the registry (i.e. select Computer) > F3 (to launch ‘Find’) > Locate and delete all instances of the following;

  • Vpngui
  • Vpnapi
  • Ipsecdialer

VPNGUI removal

9. Windows Key +R > services.msc {Enter} > Locate and stop the Cisco systems, Inc VPN Service.

Stop Cisco VPN Service

10. Delete the ‘C:Program FilesCisco SystemsVPN Client’ folder.

Delete Cisco VPN

11. Delete the ‘C:Program FilesCommon FilesDeterministic Networks’ folder.

Remove Cisco VPN

12. Delete the following files;

  • From %SystemRoot%system32drivers delete dne2000.sys (if it exists).
  • From %SystemRoot%inf delete dne2000m.inf and dne2000m.pnf (if they exist).
  • From %SystemRoot%system32 delete dneinobj.dl (if it exists).
  • From %SystemRoot%system32drivers delete cvpndrv.sys (if it exists).

Delete Cisco VPN Files


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