VMware vCenter Install ‘Error 26002’

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While attempting to install vCenter 5.5, I got the following error.

Error 26002

Error 26002. Setup failed to register vCenter Server. This might indicate a problem with the SSL certificates for vCenter Server. Search the VMware Knowledge Base (http://kb.vmware.com) for “Error 26006” for more information.

Earlier on in the install it had asked me if I wanted to overwrite the certs, and I just clicked OK, this probably was not such a good idea!


1. Navigate to C:Program DataVMwareVMware Virtual Center >Locate the SSL folder and rename it to SSL-OLD.

VMware SSL Folder

2. Navigate to C:Program DataVMwareInfrastructureInventory Service > Locate the SSL folder take a copy of it.

VMware Inventory Service

3. Paste that folder back in the C:Program DataVMwareVMware Virtual Center location to replace the folder you renamed earlier.

VMware Inventory Service

4. This is what the folder should now look like.

VMware Inventory Service

5. Now attempt the install, and it should complete without error.

VMware vCenter 5.5 Setup

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