HP MSM 765zl – How To Factory Reset

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I had to setup some HP wireless gear again this week. It had been installed a while ago, but not used and there was some problems with it, so I elected to flatten it and start again. The handbook goes through how to factory reset it from the web management interface. That’s great if you can get to the management console, but I could not.


As the MSM765zl is a controller that is on a ‘blade’ it’s designed to fit into an HP Networking ‘chassis switch’. You will need command line access to that switch, either via telnet or a console cable.

1. Log into the switch, assuming you are in ‘enable mode’ issue a services command. This will tell you what slot the MSM is in, and what its index number is. In the example below that’s slot F and index 2.

5406 services modules

2. Now using the slot and index number you can connect directly to the MSM, go to enable mode > go to config mode > issue a factory settings command.

factory reset msm765zl

3. You should exit back to the switch configuration, the MSM will now have no settings and will need setting up from scratch.

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