vSphere ESX – Server 2012 – 3D Graphics Option ‘Greyed Out’

KB ID 0000909 


Whilst attempting to add 3D graphic support to a Windows Server 2012 guest VM, the option was greyed out.

VM 3d Graphics Greyed Out


1. Locate the .vmx file for this virtual machine and download it so you can edit it (Select a Host > Configuration > Storage > {Storage the guest is on} > Right Click > Browse Data Store > {Guest VM Name}) > Download.

Edit VMX File

2. Edit the file, and add the following to the end of the vmx file;

mks.enable3d = TRUE

Add 3d Graphics via VMX

3. Upload the file back to your storage, at this point I checked and it was still greyed out. I had to remove the VM from the inventory* then add it back to the inventory.

*WARNING: Remove it from the inventory by right clicking the VM in the VI Client. DO NOT Delete it from Disk!

Add to Inventory


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