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After my recent DNS troubles, I was checking my mail server’s (MX) records, and got a warning about not having any reverse lookup records (PTR) configured properly. I telnetted to the mail server on port 25, and saw it was responding with the servers host-name.

Telnet to Mailserver

I know my records are correct for the FQDN of the server, I just needed to change its welcome banner.


Change the Postfix Welcome Banner by Editing The Postfix File

1. Connect to the server via SSH, (or open a terminal session). Logon as, (or su to) root.

2. Execute the following command;

nano /etc/postfix/

Edit Postfix config File

3. Locate and edit the myhostname value, to match your servers public FQDN.

Edit Postfix config File

4. Once you have saved and exited nano, restart the Postfix service with the following command;

postfix stop && postfix start

Change the Postfix Welcome Banner Using Webmin

1. Connect to the Webmin console > Postfix Mail server > General Options.

Webmin Postfix

4. Scroll down to internet host-name of this mail system > Edit to match your servers public FQDN > Save and Apply.

Webmin change postfix welcome banner

5. Stop then Start Postfix.

Webmin Restart Postfix

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