XBMC Icefilms Add-on ‘Failed to import Metahandlers’

KB ID 0000895 


XBMC was running quite happily, but whenever I tried to use Icefilms or navigate though the menus I was getting the following error.

Failed to import Metahandlers

Icefilms Import Failure
Failed to import Metahandlers
A component needed by Icefilms is missing on your system
Please visit www.xbmcchub.com for support


I did a complete remove and reinstall but the problem persisted. There are a couple of extra steps needed.

1. To uninstall, navigate to;

C:Program Files(x86)XBMC

Run the Uninstall.exe file > Once complete, delete the entire XBMC directory (if it remains).

XBMC Folder Location

2. Then delete the XBMC folder from;


XBMC Profile Folder Location

3. Perform a fresh install and the problem should cease.


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Author: Migrated

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