Exchange – Enable ‘Out Of Office’ For Another User

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Got in the office to find a colleague was going to be on long term sick this morning, the boss asked, “Can we turn on his out of office?”. I could have simply changed the users password and logged into OWA and done it, but executing some PowerShell would be more elegant.

out of office

Note: You must be in one of the following groups to carry out this procedure, Organizational Management, Recipient Management, or Help Desk.


Powershell Syntax

Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration -Identity username -AutoReplyState Enabled/Disabled/Scheduled [-EndTime DateTime] [-ExternalAudience None/Known/All] [-ExternalMessage message] -InternalMessage message [-StartTime DateTime]

Note: Remember the dates need to be in ‘American date format’ or the command will fail.


Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration -Identity 'PeteL' -StartTime '08/12/2013 08:00' -AutoReplyState Enabled -EndTime '12/31/2013 23:59' -InternalMessage 'Pete is currently out of the office' -ExternalMessage 'Pete is currently out of the office, please contact the helpdesk for technical assistance' -ExternalAudience 'All'


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