IIS: How to Create a Certificate Request

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If you would like to obtain a digital certificate either from your own CA, or from a public certificate vendor, you need to submit a certificate signing request (csr) first.


Note: I’m making the assumption you have already installed the Web Server (IIS) role on your server.

1. Windows Key+R > iis.msc {Enter} > Select the servername > Server Certificates.

IIS 8 Certificate Request

2. Create Certificate Request > Fill in the details > Next.

Note: The Common name will be the name on the certificate, e.g. If this certificate is going to secure https://sitea.domain.com then the common name would be sitea.domain.com.

Server 2012 create CSR

3. Note: For IIS generally 1024 bits will be fine, but I suggest you use a 2048 bit length > Next.

IIS8 Certificate Bit Length

4. Select a location to save the request and give it a sensible name > Finish.

Windows Server 2012 create Certtificate Request

5. Here is your certificate request in PIM format, you can copy and paste this text into your certificate request.

2012 CSR in PIM format

6. Go Here to get a web server certificate.

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