How To View (and Delete) Printers From Active Directory

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Printers are ‘pruned’ out of active directory after time, but I was pushed for time, and the ‘helpful users’ were clicking and installing the old printer(s) from the replaced server. Instead of the new ones, so I had to manually rip them out.


How to Display Printers in Active Directory

1. Your first challenge is actually seeing the printers, Windows Key+R > dsa.msc {Enter}.

2. Active Directory Users and Computers will open > View > Select ‘Users, Contacts, Groups and Computers as containers’.

Show Printers in Active Directory

Note: Above I’ve got Advanced Features enabled, that’s not a requirement in this case.

How to Delete Printers From Active Directory

1. With the above option selected. Locate the computer/server that has the printer in question.

How to Delete Printers From Active Directory

2. You can now delete the printer object.

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