Windows 8 – Boot Straight to Desktop

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Since its release it’s long been a gripe that you cannot boot Windows 8 straight to the desktop. Some people just don’t like the ‘Metro’ (or Modern UI) interface. I must admit I STILL use quicklaunch so I never really open it anyway. But with the release of Windows 8.1 Microsoft have finally done a ‘U turn’ and have given you the option to bypass it completely as the computer boots.

Windows 8 Boot to Desktop

Note: It’s still there, but instead of opening Metro when the computer boots, it will simply go straight to desktop like Windows 7 and previous versions of the OS did.


1. Right click the taskbar > Properties > Navigation tab > Tick ‘Go to the desktop instead of the Start when I log in’ > Apply > OK.

Windows 8 Bypass Metro Interface

2. Now when you reboot, the desktop launches instead of the Start/Metro UI.

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