HP MSA P2000 (G3) Error – ‘Unwritable write-back cache data exists for a volume’

KB ID 0000817 


Seen on a G3 P2000 SAN, the client had also had an MSA70 shelf, which contained a failed array. I was removing the MSA and after the job, this error was getting logged.

Unwritable write-back cache data exists

Unwritable write-back cache data exists for a volume (vdisk: unknown name, volume: unknown name, SN {Serial Number} it comprises {number}% of cache.


Essentially, there was data in the cache that needed writing to the array/vdisk, when it failed. If the volume was going to get repaired and brought back online the data would have got written back. However this volume was never coming back.

1. Connect to a controller via Telnet.

2. Issue the following command;

clear cache

MSA 2000 Clear Cache

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