HP 2055 Printer Prints and extra page with ‘GET /DevMgmt/DiscoverTree.xml HTTP/1.1’ on it

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A client whose HP 2055 printers had previously worked fine, then all of them suddenly started doing this? They had recently installed a Laserjet 400 Network printer and suspected that was the cause. When they printed something they got an extra page like so;

GET /DevMgmt/DiscoverTree.xml HTTP/1.1

GET /DevMgmt/DiscoverTree.xml HTTP/1.1
Host :

and / or

PCL XL Error
Subsystem: KERNEL
Error: IllegalTag
Operator: 0x
Position: 6255


Right click the printer in question > Printer properties > Device Settings > Set Printer Status Notifications to Disabled > Set Duplex Unit to Installed > Apply > OK.

P2055d Prints Extra Page


To do the same on a Windows XP machine see below;

HP 2050 Printer Prints extra page

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