Bulk Export Users From One Domain, and Import Into Another

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I’ve written in the past about bulk importing users with CSVDE, but what if you want to move/migrate your users to another domain? You first need to export all the users, then import them into the new domain.


Step 1 Export Domain Users to CSV File

1. Here all my users are in one OU, if that OU has ‘nested OU’s within it that’s OK.

Bulk Export Users

2. The command to ‘export’ is as follows;

Note: You need to ‘run as administrator

csvde -d {LDAP Path} -f c:\filename.csv


csvde -d "ou=Main-Site,dc=pnl,dc=com" -f C:\ExportedUsers.csv

Bulk Export Users CSVDE

3. The users will be exported. If it fails at this point it will give you a descriptive error, CSVDE has been around for a while, Google the error (most fixes are pretty simple).

CSVDE Export Users

4. Now open the CSV File with Excel, the second line will probably be the OU, you can leave this here if you want but if your target OU is different (or Like me you prefer to create it manually), then delete row 2 (Don’t delete Row 1!).

Edit csv file

5. You do not need all the columns, delete all the columns EXCEPT,


Edit CSV for Bulk Import

So when complete it should look like the following;

Complete CSV for CSVDE Active Directory

6. Change any details in the LDAP path that are different for the new domain.

CSV File find and replace

7. You may also need to change the domain name that’s listed on the userPrincipleName.

CSVDE userprinciplename

Step 2 Import Domain Users from CSV File

1. On the target domain, (if you are not importing the OU’s, then make sure they already exist). The syntax for the import is;

csvde -i -f c:\filename.csv


Bulk Import Users

9. Your users should be imported.

Bulk Import Users CSVDE

10. By default they will be disabled, but you can bulk enable them.

Bulk Enable Users

11. At this point all the users have no password, this can also be bulk set.

Windows – Reset all User Passwords in an OU


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