Photoshop CS6 Flickers and Images Go Black When Cropping

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I am in the process of moving all my stuff to a new laptop, I installed CS6 and was doing some work when every time I used the cropping tool my images simply went black.

Photoshop CS6 image black

Also, for no reason images I was working on would flicker black as well?


Turns out it’s just a problem with the graphics drivers on this particular machine and the way Photoshop interacts with the graphics processor. The first step should fix the problem for you, if not carry out the second step.

Step 1

File > Preferences > Performance > Advanced Settings > Change the Drawing mode to ‘Basic’ > OK > OK. Now test again, if the problem is resolved skip the next step.

Basic Drawing Mode

Step 2

File > Preferences > Performance > Untick ‘Use Graphics Processor’ > OK.

Disable Graphics Processor

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